More deliveries

By optimising the routes, your current fleet could reach more delivery points with the same amount of time it is spent now.

Reduce operational times

Save your time with the planning process, our algorithm will get it for you in just minutes. Drag and drop your delivery points file to get instant optimised routes for your whole fleet.

More satisfied customers

Customers shouldn’t be worrying about delivery problems. Take care of any setback before your customer can even realise there is an issue and provide your customer with real time information.

Save on call center

The connected network ecosystem allows to share more information in real time with your final customer reducing the number of calls for issues. The central office will be able to detect delays in real time and inform the affected customers.

Save on trucks

Minimise the number of trucks in your fleet. Our algorithm can discover the minimum number of vehicles you need in order to fulfil all your deliveries.

Save on fuel

Navigating through perfectly planned routes will significantly reduce the total amount of km.

Meet the team

Josep Lluís Larriba

Dàmaris Coll
Marketing lead

Eric Cabañas
Business development

Javier Torralbo
Backend & Algorithm

Carlos Balufo
Development lead

Marc Puig
Front end

Alejandro Muñoz
Android development

Pol Casasayas

Our clients

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